Burradon Colliery Village Timeline 1873-1894

Quoits Team at Rear of West Row c.1890

1879 - Post Office Directory

Lambert Nathanial and Co. Colliery Owners; Burradon Colliery
Stobbs, Edward; Farmer [A curious entry since the Younger family had farmed this land single-handedly since the 1840s. The size of the farm or dwelling is unknown.]
Tate, Adam; Quarry owner [Also listed in 1854]
Younger, John and William; Farmers Also listed in 1851]

Lacey, John; Halfway House
Means, George; Collier Lad
Means, Margaret (Mrs); Grey Horse [1871 George Means]
Morrison, Joseph Burn; Butcher [Front St Bookies]
Short, Edward; Shopkeeper [Listed in 1858 at Carr's Buildings]
Taylor, Stephen; Beer Retailer [Travellers Rest]
Waldie, William, Grocer [Fryer's Terrace]

Younger, John; Farmer Hill Head [1851 John Brown; no info on 1861-71]

1881 - Census

Population 1110; Dwellings 198


Blacksmith [colliery], Dickinson Sankey, Double Row [1871 at Pit Row]
Teacher, Barbara Urwin, Double Row
Blacksmith, Silvanus Brooks, Double Row
Cartman, William Hope, Double Row
Coalheap Keeper, Angus Tweddle, Pit Row [previously Pit Row had housed colliery workers, but not miners, this was no longer the case, apart from Angus]
Colliery Manager, William Green, Manager's House
Fireman, Thomas Beadling, Office Row
Engine Driver, Isaac Ellerington, Office Row
Police Constable, James Hay, site of Burradon Road
Draper, Susannah Wilson, site of Burradon Road [just north of the school
Grocer, Alexander Bolton, Since at least 1871, site of Burradon Road [just north of the school]
Newsagent, John Durey, Since at least 1871, site of Burradon Road [just north of the school]
Stone Mason, Robert Hine, Burradon Terraces
Colliery Horseshoer, Thomas Wallace, Burradon Terraces
Blacksmith, William Southern, Burradon Terraces
Blacksmith, Christopher Peary, Burradon Terraces
Farmer, John Younger, Also listed in 1871
Hazlerigg and Camperdown

Population 521; Dwellings 137.


Butcher, Robert Alderson, Lane Row
Blacksmith, John Stafford, Woods Row
Blacksmith, William Cowans, Lane Row
Blacksmith, John Anderson, Weetslade Terrace
Brass Finisher, John Hartley, Weetslade Terrace
School Mistress, Elizabeth Oaks, Weetslade Terrace
School Master, William Davey, Weetslade Terrace [Interestingly the house is directly opposite the school]
Butcher, Stephen Dixon [shop in Purvis Buildings]
Innkeeper Halfway House, John Lacey, Also listed in 1879
Innkeeper Travellers Rest, Stephen Taylor, 1879
Innkeeper Collier Lad, Luke Rossiter
Grocer, Edward Short, since at least 1858 [1881 his shop is in Dixons Buildings beside Grey Horse. Previously in Carr's Buildings beside Travellers Rest]
Innkeeper Grey Horse, Margaret Means, x1879 [George Means 1871]

Total Population 1631; Total Dwellings 335

Looking West along Front Street c1900

1894 Ordnance Survey 6inch to Mile

Fryer's Terrace and Post Office Row c1900

1887 - Bulmer Trade Directory (Burradon Township Entries)

"Both freestone and coal are plentiful and extensively wrought."
Anderson, John Thomas; Blacksmith
Black, Geo; Deputy Burradon Colliery
Bolton, Alexander; Grocer and Draper [Also listed in 1871]
Burradon Colliery, the owners of
Carr, Henry; Cartman
Clough, Matthew; Deputy Colliery
Cramlington Co-op Society Ltd
Dunn, Thomas; Deputy
Gallon, Thomas; Deputy
Green, William; Under Manager (colliery)
Hays, Robert; Deputy
Hetherington, David; Colliery Manager; lives Gosforth
Howey, Joseph; Police Constable [Also listed in 1881]
Humble, Thos; Deputy Burradon Colliery
Johnson, Joseph; Deputy
McDougal, Thomas; Schoolmaster Burradon School
Messer, Geo; Deputy Burradon Colliery
Patterson, Ralph S; Com Traveller
Stubbs, Rd; Deputy
Urwin, Edward; Deputy
Wilson, James; Draper [1881 Susannah Wilson on Burradon Road just north of school]
Younger, John, Farmer [Also listed in 1871]

Burradon Road c1920s

1888 - The Primitive Methodist chapel, adjoining the school, was sold to the Co-operative Society.

1890 - A Primitive Methodist chapel was constructed, larger than the previous, on Burradon Road.

1891 - Census

Camperdown and Hazlerigg
Population 620; Dwellings 165.


Innkeeper Halfway House, Stephen Taylor [1881 in Travellers Rest]
Grocer, Stephen Dixon, Purvis Buildings
Innkeeper Travellers Rest, Jonathon Dorricot
Innkeeper Collier Lad and Butcher [Now the Bookies shop], Joseph Morrison
Stone Mason, Michael Alexander, Wood's Buildings
Boarding House Keeper, Lizzie Pringle
Innkeeper Grey Horse, John Thew
Stone Mason, Robson Wilson, Chapel Buildings
Railway Dockman, Jacob Frazer, Lane Row
Butcher, Patrick Thompson [Weetslade Terrace shop, the first mention of a butcher in this location]
Teacher, Thomas McDougal, Weetslade Terrace [1881 William Davey held this position and residence]
Timber Merchant, John Hardy, Also listed in 1890, Weetslade Terrace
Post Mistress, Elizabeth Hardy (wife of above), Weetslade Terrace [1894 map shows a post office at the N end of Weetslade Terrace]
Music Teacher, James Hardy, Weetslade Terrace
Blacksmith, Benjamin Wandless, Fryer's Terrace
Fireman, Alfred Burn, Fryer's Terrace
Policeman, Joseph Howe, Fryer's Terrace

Population 1156; Dwellings 194


Hairdresser, Henry Cuthbertson, North Row [believed to have had a small wooden cabin at the site of the W.M. club/railway crossing]
Blacksmith, William Cowans, Pit Row
Safety Lamp Maker, John Hartley, Middle Row
Joiner, Ralph Appelby, Office Row
Joiner, John Steward, Office Row
Blacksmith, William Wandless, Post Office Row
Fireman, Alexander Davidson, site of Burradon Road
Grocer, Alexander Bolton, Also listed in 1871 [shop just north of the school]
Oil Merchant, Henry Anderson, site of Burradon Road
Blacksmith, John Anderson, site of Burradon Road [yard where hairdresser's premises are now]
Wagonwright, William Hodgson, Burradon Terraces
Blacksmith, Thomas Grieves

Ordnance Survey 1894

Colliery Buildings - expanded from previous OS edition
Football Ground - first recording
Pit Row - 1871 10 dwellings; 1881 9 dwellings
Double Row - 1872; 3 rows of 7 dwellings each
Strawberry Terrace - first recording; 7 dwellings
North Row - 1872; 27 dwellings
Middle Row - 1872; 27 dwellings
Mission Chapel, Church of the Good Shepherd - 1894
Infant School - first recording
Office Row - Built around 1860; 1861 30 dwellings; 1871 40 dwellings

Pit Manager's House- In existence by 1858; at the end of Office Row

1894 OS Map Overlain on Google Earth Image 

Burradon Road S-N
Post Office Row - In existence by 1871; 11 dwellings; 1871 part of Chapel Row; 1881 School Row; 1891 PO Row
Primitive Methodist Chapel - Built c.1860s; 1883 Co-op Store
School - 1861
Burradon Road Freeholds - buildings to the north of the school in small blocks; 1871 8 units known as Dodd's Row; 1881 as part of School Row which had 25 units
Primitive Methodist Chapel - first recording on this map c.1890
Mechanic's Institute - first recording on this map c.1890
Taylor's Buildings - first recording on this map; 4 dwellings

Camperdown NE-SW
Fryer's Terrace - 1861; 4 blocks of 17 houses and 1 shop
Railway Cottage - First recording on this map?
Grey Horse Pub - In existence by 1828?
Dixon's Buildings - 1861
Norah Place, The later site of - In existence by 1841?; 2 or 3 dwellings.
Collier Boy Public House, site of later Camperdown Hotel - In existence by 1855.
Carr's Buildings, Later site of - In existence by 1841.
Travellers Rest Public House - In existence by 1841.
Wood's Houses - In existence by 1841; 4 dwellings in 2 separate. blocks.
Roughs House - First recording, but probably in existence by 1841; 25" Ordnance Survey shows an enclosure around the house with a formal garden layout.
Station Road, although not yet known by this name, N-S
Purvis Buildings - In existence by 1828?; shop and house.
Halfway House Pub - In existence by 1851.
Palmer's Buildings - First recording, although possibly in existence by 1851; house and shop?
Atkin Street, site of - In existence by 1841; grocer shop and house

Hazlerigge NE-SW
Lane Row - In existence by 1828; back-to-back housing of a one-room-and-a-garret type; 48 dwellings.
Wood Houses - First recording, but possibly in existence 1841; back-to-back housing as Lane Row; 8 dwellings.
West Row - In existence by 1828; back-to-back housing as Lane Row, in fact probably identical; 32 dwellings.
Chapel Buildings - In existence by 1828?; 2 or 3 dwellings.
Weslyan Methodist Chapel - 1830.

1894 OS Map Overlain on Google Earth Image

1894 OS Map Overlain on Google Earth Image